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Is this type of therapy right for you? My couple therapy approach is largely informed by the IFS modality, often referred to as Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO). This type of therapy is suitable for partners who are both willing to engage in self-exploration, while in the presence and safety of each other. Both partners need to be interested in doing their own healing and self-development work in our sessions.  This therapy locates and heals challenging relational issues such as: intense conflict, attachment wounds, communication breakdown, and patterns such as resentment, infidelity, anger, mistrust, defensiveness, avoidance, feeling unloved, feeling unheard, etc. Through this therapeutic process, partners gain precious insights about themselves, and each other. Partners develop a new way of being with, and communicating about, their experiences in the relationship. This type of couple therapy is not recommended if you do not currently feel safe with your partner; if you feel you are being abused emotionally or otherwise; if one partner is not authentically interested in self-exploration. If you are experiencing any of these situations, individual therapy is recommended first.        


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