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Couple Therapy

Is this type of therapy right for you?

I offer a couple therapy approach largely informed by the IFS modality, often referred to as Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO).

This type of therapy is suitable for partners who are both wanting to engage in self-exploration while in the presence of the other, and who are both interested in doing their own healing and self-development work during our sessions.  

This type of couple therapy is not recommended if you do not currently feel safe with your partner; if you feel you are being abused emotionally or otherwise; if one or both partners are struggling with active substance use; or, if one partner is not genuinely interested in self-exploration.  


In these cases, I recommend individual therapy before commencing with couple work.

Couple Therapy in Action

Welcome! **PLEASE NOTE** I am currently accepting NEW clients for waitlist only. Please email me to secure a spot.
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