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Resources that inform my work, and/ or that I recommend to clients. Organized by topic. Happy researching!




Greater than the Sum of our Parts by Richard Schwartz.  My favourite book by IFS creator Richard Schwartz, is this older one. If you order it as an audio book, there are some guided inner journeys that really give you the sense of IFS. IFS is something you learn by doing and experiencing, not just reading about, which is why I like this book. It also gives a history of how and why this model came about in the field of therapy. 

No Bad Parts  by Richard Schwartz. IFS creator Richard Schwartz's newest book is a lighter, but still informative read. The fact that it has an intro by Alanis Morisettte shows how popular this model has become.    



You are the One You've Been Waiting For by Richard Schwartz, creator of the IFS model. This is often homework for couple therapy. I appreciate how Schwartz emphasizes that when we think our partner is the problem, it's often us with the "problem". Yikes. This can be a sensitive proposition. Very sensitive. I like how Schwartz guides the reader through a compassionate self-inquiry on how our own hurting parts can actually foster our unhappiness with our partner. This "you-turn" is a critical component in achieving the happy relationship we seek.  Healing our young parts creates the conditions for our partner and our Self to relax naturally into love.

Abusive realtionships


How to Stop Caretaking the Borderline/Narcissist: How to End the Drama and Get on with Life by Margalis Fjelstad. I recommend the paper copy of this book because it offers self-surveys.   Fjelstad paints two important portraits: the relational strategies used by people with narcissistic parts or parts that fall into the BPD category of diagnosis; and, the relational strategies of caretaker parts, that accept, or rationalize the narcissistic or BPD parts. This book has been eye-opening for many clients, specifically, the discovery of how their own caretaking parts keep them trapped in this relational dynamic.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or symptoms

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